Policies of South Texas Archives

  1. Patrons must register at the front desk and present identification to use Archives materials.
  2. Painting of a band playing music.
  3. All Archives materials are in a closed collection. Patrons may not enter or browse the collections vault.
  4. Only 2 items (boxes, folders, books, microfilm reels, artifacts) per patron may be called from the vault at a time. Materials listed in the Archives database are not guaranteed to be available or in an accessible condition.
  5. Personal property (briefcases, bags, purses, notebooks, binders, coats) are not permitted at the reading table. Personal items may be stored on a holding cart if requested.
  6. Materials MUST be handled with care. They MUST NOT be written on, altered, leaned on, folded differently, traced, or weighted. Gloves will be issued to patrons handling fragile materials. Patrons MUST wash hands w/ soap and water prior to handling.
  7. ONLY pencils may be used for research. NO PENS.
  8. Laptops are permitted. Electrical outlets are located under the main reading table. Cell phones may be used to take pictures.
  9. Old picture of two hunters in front of their prized stuffed stag.
  10. The Archives is a public research environment. Cell phone use, tobacco, food, gum, and beverages are NOT permitted.
  11. Patrons may request copies of materials. The Archives staff will determine whether or not materials can be safely or legally reproduced.
  12. The patron assumes full responsibility for conforming to the laws of copyright, right-to-privacy, literary property rights, libel, and any other applicable federal or state statutes.
  13. Failure to conform to the Archives guidelines and terms of use may result in the refusal of access to Archives materials and / or patron removal from the Archives area.

2016 Texas A&M University-Kingsville,
James C. Jernigan Library, South Texas Archives,
MSC 197, 700 University Blvd, Kingsville, TX 78336-8202